08 February 2010

I'm just in a writing mood recently.

Does anyone else know how that is? You go along for days, weeks, whatever, barely writing anything, and then suddenly you just have to write. I wrote like twenty-five hundred words this weekend, and then I spent most of lunch writing too. (Sorry guys). I can't help it. I just have to write right now.

Anyway, that's why I'm finally blogging. I am not a creature of habit, okay? I am my own person, with my own random reasons for doing everything. No one can make me do anything I don't want to do. I mean, actually, you can, but...

God. I've been doing that more often recently, you know. I trail off at the ends of sentences. I don't like doing it. It makes me feel wussy -- I'm sorry, I mean it makes me feel like the sympathetic individual I am.


Two days after I wrote that first part (you can tell time passed because of the random punctuation) it became obvious to me that I'm not in a very big writing mood. If I had really felt like writing, I would have managed to finish more than three short paragraphs of a blog post.

In other news, did you see that the ninja ampersand has an exclamation point friend? The exclamation point is not a ninja. The exclamation point is...I don't know. Something that is also very good at disguising itself, like a ninja. Maybe it has an invisibility cloak, or maybe it's just magical. Or (this is the other option) the ampersand is a ninja that can actually hide itself and be subtle, and the exclamation point fails at subtlety.

Exclamation points aren't very subtle. I mean, obviously they're not, because they're PUNCTUATION and punctuation doesn't have emotions, but I don't think of them as being subtle. Think of this as synesthesia, except with punctuation having feelings instead of numbers having smells, or whatever synesthesia really is. I'm too lazy to skim the Wikipedia article to get the vague, ambiguously true facts the way I do to learn most of the things I know.

!!! -- exclamation points. They're fabulous and loud and don't shut up. And when you put too many of them in a row they look tacky. And...you can put tildes in front of them and then Erin (and probably other people, too, but I only know of her) calls it a squee squiggle~!

;;; -- semicolons. They're sort of confused and unhappy because they always have to join independent clauses and they never get to have any fun. That's not saying I don't live semicolons; I do love them. Semicolons are some of my favorites.

::: -- colons. Colons are cute but no-nonsense. Like librarians, or something.

??? -- question marks. They're like little kids: one can be cute, but too many in a group are just obnoxious. Or maybe that's just me.

... -- periods. Periods are just boring, okay?

,,, -- commas. It is Gertrude Stein's opinion that commas "are servile and they have no life of their own." I have to tell you, I like commas. I like them a little too much. They're just so helpful for breaking up my thoughts and creating natural pauses and when I write without them I get confused, and I have to go back to using them.

&&& -- ampersands. They're pretty much fabulous.

——— -- em dashes. (Not to be confused with en dashes or hyphens, even though all three of them are little slashy lines.) Em dashes are just normal, but kind of amazing at the same time.

/// -- virgules. I actually don't care about virgules, I just wanted an excuse to type that. Try saying it out loud sometime. Virgule.

So, now that I'm done obsessing, shall we go back to my endlessly fascinating life? I think we shall.

(If you don't think my life is endlessly fascinating, why are you still here? Go read Maureen Johnson's blog or Scott Westerfeld's blog or watch this video I found on YouTube just now of a cat meowing. Or watch this mystery video by clicking on this percent sign %.)

I passed all my classes with flying colors, by which I mean I got all A's. That's right, everyone. I win.

I am hoping very much that tomorrow is a snow day. It's supposed to snow a whole bunch, etc etc, and I don't really feel like writing this anymore, so deal with it, infidels.


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  1. BLAHHH. I got a B+. Aren't I horrible? I got a B+ and an A-. I am so horrible. Oh gosh.