13 February 2010

I bet you thought I was going to blog more.

I have two words for you.

(They're not I lied or you're gullible or rainbow kittens, although those would all work. Except maybe rainbow kittens, but they're just so cute.)

Actually, it's one word, but I'm saying it twice, so I think that makes it count as two words. Right? Someone back me up here.

Ha ha.

So there you are. Just because I am doing this insane thing that I'm probably going to quit in a few days when I have homework again does not mean I'm going to devote more of my time to you. That's right. I wrote eighteen hundred words today and none of them were for you. They were all for me. I'm keeping them forever, hidden in little folders on Lisette that say "writing" and are purple. That's right, purple.

Okay, maybe I'll give you a word. I mean, I have eighteen hundred. I can spare some. Here's a word: objectified. Heck, here's a sentence: Are you off your meds? That's right; I think making fun of people who are taking medication for whatever reason is extremely funny. Ha ha. Ha. Do you see me laughing? Of course you don't.

Sorry if this is coming across as a little bit, I don't know, insane or disjointed or insane or something. It's too late and I should be sleeping, but I felt like bragging.

I don't have anything else to write now, but I feel somewhere in my cold heart that I should write more than just "ha ha I'm so cool" before I give up on you. I just have no clue what to write. Even my muse isn't helping me.

Yes, I have a muse now, as of twelve twenty-two a.m. EST. It is the empty bag of "NORI MAKI ARARE rice crackers w/seaweed" next to my bed. They were delicious while they lasted. Salty and crunchy and seaweedy and everything. Yum.

Some people would say that I should throw them out, but I'm not some people! I'm the hero! Anyway, this is my new totally justified reason (read: excuse) not to throw them out. This empty bag of seaweed-related food is inspiring me. It is sending brainwaves into my...brain. It is giving me all kinds of fabulous ideas just by rustling its plasticy plastic.

...Yeah, I need to get some sleep.

Sorry for not really blogging, but I can pretend, right? And so can you, infidels! Ciao!


  1. That's your shortest blog post.... EVAR.

  2. By the way, that was me, your darling wifey.