17 February 2010

Ha, kittens.

Tee hee, y'all.

I thought that was pretty funny, you know. Writing a three-word blog post? High wit. I certainly laughed while I was typing it up. But I didn't laugh for very long because, you know, three words.

The point was that I've been trying to prove to the wife (that's Erin, if you're out of the loop) that I don't always think about kittens. She thinks I do, just because I write the word 'kittens' on my papers and say 'kittens' at random times and go on kittenwar all the time. I tell you, though, these are completely normal behaviors. Other people do stuff like that, right? Right?


I wrote about drugs for a while, but then I got bored and erased it all. And not drugs drugs, you know, just non-prescription Ibuprofen. Prescription's such a funny word. In French it's prescrire, and it always cracks me up for some reason. Don't ask.

I was "taking notes" in Sam's class today, but it was okay because we didn't actually have to take notes. I was just writing down some important things, like "Les Mis does not equal Mulan" and "in Soviet Russia, machine loves you." Erin was adding her own notes, and she told me I needed to put in the ninja ampersand. Then she said some rude things, like "Santa > &," which aside from being rude is entirely untrue.

She told me I should put the ninja ampersand somewhere in my notes, so I did. Then she looked for it, but it was such a good ninja that she couldn't find it. Ha.

The point of that was that I was reminded of the epic saga of the fabulous exclamation point and the ninja ampersand. That's right, it's become an epic saga. I mention it about twice and write a little dialogue and it changes into an EPIC SAGA. Such is the power of my brain.

We have a new character in our, uh, epic saga. It is the question mark, the exclamation point's best friend. The two of them are like this !? which incidentally makes its own type of punctuation, the interrobang. The question mark is at this moment using lots of interrobangs as it yells at the exclamation point. You don't need to know what it's saying, just that it involves a lot of "you're an idiot" and "why did you tell it to go away when you love it!?"

The exclamation point was going to come up with a totally legitimate reason, but eventually it had to except that it was acting totally irrational (after the question mark yelled at it for a while. The question mark can be quite scary sometimes). So now the exclamation point is sulking and wishing it hadn't been so stupid.

The ampersand is pretending it didn't happen. It's training its new ninja protegé, the number 2. I bet you didn't know it hopes to be a ninja. Well, it does. It aspires to be a ninja. It dreams of being a ninja. It...really wants to be a ninja, okay? Unfortunately, it's completely unimportant as of right now, because it has no clue of the exclamation point's burning love for the ampersand. The ampersand doesn't really like to talk about personal relationships while training, and the two can be pretty single-minded when it comes to the way of the ninja.


(Look, lots of dots! Dots dots dots! Guess what comes after the dots! {No, it's not 'Light' or 'tom bombadil,' okay? [look, parentheses inside parentheses inside parentheses! Maybe now I can look into a mirror and it'll be another mirror!]})

The fabulous exclamation point showed up at the ninja ampersand's top secret ninja training facility and said, "AMPERSAND. WE NEED TO TALK."

And that's it for now, dear readers.

In related news, look at this picture I found when I Googled "ampersand and exclamation point:" & and ! It has a question mark too, but that's okay.

In completely unrelated news, my whole 'write a thousand words a day' plan? It's working out. As of '13 February 2010,' as I wrote at the top of the Sticky on which I'm keeping track, I have counted 7,660 words. So yeah. That's not bad. (Most of them are under 'RITZY,' but hey. Still words.)

Ciao, infidels~!

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